Individual Rights

Individuals possess natural, God-given rights, and a legitimate function of government is to protect those rights. Such natural rights differ from special privileges often granted by government officials to groups of people. Our current government presumes to have a re-distributive power that enables officials to take from one group, and give to another. Such distribution is the root cause for much civil strife and unrest.

When elected to Congress, my votes will be guided by the following constitutional interpretation. The term “general welfare” authorizes Congress to make laws that generally benefit all citizens, so that a re-distributive power is not presumed to be constitutionally authorized.

Further, all people have the right to equal protection and justice under the law. Public officials often exempt themselves from laws that apply to regular citizens. If elected, I’ll introduce legislation that precludes the Congress from being able to regulate its own ethics violations, and to instead require the executive branch handle all ethics & criminal charges. Further, ethics or criminal charges made against officials in the Executive branch of government, including the President, should be reviewed only by the US Senate.

To further protect Americans from corruption in the Executive Branch, I would offer a bill to repeal the US Constitution’s 17th amendment, so that state governments would appoint the US Senator. This change would restore federalism as originally intended by the founders of our nation.

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