International Relations

International relations include foreign policy, diplomatic and military operations, trade alliances, and industrial cooperation.  Broadly speaking, U.S. foreign policy should adhere to the same ethical principles that guide relations between individuals.  America should pursue peace, trade & commerce with all nations, and needlessly aggressive actions against none.  Quite literally, the Christian Golden Rule can and should be applied to international relations, and such application does not preclude defensive actions.

My goal is to limit military operations to defensive actions that protect the United States, US Territories and the lives of our citizens as they travel at home & abroad.  We should support our troops by bringing them home from missions focused on policing the world and nation-building.  Improper nation-building occurs when we unduly influence the creation or destruction of other nations for the purpose of benefiting our own political or commercial interest.  Local citizens around the world should construct & manage their own governments without improper influence from our politicians and corporations.

International commerce and industrial collaboration, alone, integrate the United States with the world economy without the need for military control.

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