Jobs & The Economy

Free enterprise has traditionally driven the creation of jobs. The key to jobs creation is to facilitate the transfer of welfare recipients into the workforce. Able-bodied workers should have a pro-rated schedule that allows them to start working in private industry and gradually transition away from welfare benefits.

A secondary method to create jobs is the elimination of unnecessary government regulatory policies. Specific examples of these obstacles include the following:

While I would retain state unemployment insurance, I would eliminate the federal unemployment insurance requirements because this imposes a redundant and unnecessary obstacle to individuals or companies seeking to hire workers.Furthermore, while employer-provided benefits can be generous and voluntary, I would eliminate governments mandates for individual and companies to provide employees health insurance. This would free up company resources to hire more individuals and at the same time create market forces to drive down healthcare costs. For more information about reducing healthcare spending, so as to not require expensive, company-based employee health insurance, please see my “Healthcare” post.


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