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Liberty Coalition

Each Group is Fighting, in Their Own Respective Way, to Give Posterity The Gift of Freedom
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See Link to 10 Minute Flash Video Below .... It's TOTALLY Awesome !!

Keep Liberty Alive in America !!

Let's Set Aside our Differences, and Cooperate in the Struggle to Restore Constitutional Government in America !!

Image based on Ben Franklin's woodcut, May 9, 1754.

Liberty Coalition Focus Organizations
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Advocates for Self Government

Education via "World Shortest Political Quiz"

Democratic Freedom Caucus

Political Organization focusing on Democratic Constituents

Intl. Society for Ind. Liberty

Sponsor of Flash Video - Click to Watch - Philosophy of Liberty

Libertarian Party

General Political Party

Liberty Committee

Political Action Committee

On the Issues

Sponsor of Candidate Scoring Tool Using ASG Type of Grid

Republican Liberty Caucus

Political Organization focusing on Republican Constituents

Very Honorable Mention
<There's Only 8 Pieces in Ben's Cartoon !!>
Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Center for Public Integrity
Constitution Society
Draft Resistance
Drug Policy Alliance
Fair Elections
FairTax - Texas FairTax
Foundation for Rational Economics & Education
Free State Project
Freedom Democrats
Fully Informed Jury Association
Future of Freedom Foundation
Gun Owners Association
Initiative & Referendum for Texas
International Young Democrat Union
Judicial Accountability Initiative
Libertarian Mainstream Caucus
Libertarian Reform Caucus
Liberty Move
The Liberty Amendment
Lew Rockwell
Ludwig Von Mises Institute
Mothers Against the Draft
Medical Privacy Coalition
National Center for Constitution Studies
Neither Party
NORML - National Houston Yahoo Group
Real Campaign Reform
Republic Broadcast Network
Separation of School and State
States' Liberty Party
Think Libertarian <Store>
Thomas Paine Network
Verified Voting
We The People Coalition

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