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On the Issues

My Battle Cry is "Remember the Constitution" !!

Since the time America's founders created our great nation, federal government's power has grown alarmingly like a cancer ... choking freedom.  Although "We the People" created the United States government, politicians today consider citizens to be mere subjects.  

The Supreme Court once defended the Constitution, but that sacred branch of government has redefined terms such as "Necessary and Proper" and "General Welfare".  So, the Constitution now fails to limit government.  Today, the main constitutional restraint,  "enumerated powers" section, is being totally ignored.  Instead, bureaucrats use our Constitution merely as a general guideline to describe its current, bloated structure.

McLendon - Developing Innovative Solutions to Real Problems


War on Terrorism


Replace Federal Income Tax w/ Consumption Tax


Revise War on Drugs


Gun Ownership - 2nd Amendment Rights


Pension Equalization Act

My agenda is to develop viable libertarian plans that are guided by the original intent of the Constitution.  Working together, we can lead America toward peace, prosperity, freedom  and justice.   Working together, we CAN rise above today's challenges, and pass onto our children the blessings of liberty.

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