Common Ground - The US Constitution
San Antonio, Texas - Sept 3, 2005

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Leaders from Texas political parties were invited to attend a meeting to discuss our "Common Ground" and the US Constitution.  The following attendees participated:

 Republican Party - "Ron Paul Branch"
Dr. Ron Paul - US Congressman, Texas 14th District
Penny Langford - District Political Director

(Other Attendees Listed by Alpha Order per Party Affiliation)

Constitution Party
Bryan Malatesta - Texas State Chair
Dan Schinzing - Activist

Green Party
Kat Swift - Texas State Co-Chair
Keith Lyons – Former Texas County Co-Chair

Libertarian Party
Pat Dixon - Texas State Chair
Rock Howard – Travis County Chair & Texas Legislative Advisor

Reform Party USA
Charles Foster - US National Chair
David Collison – Harris County Chair

Republican Liberty Caucus
Don Zimmerman - Texas Executive Director
Guy McLendon - National Coalition Liaison

2004 US Presidential Candidate
Michael Badnarik

Each attendee was invited to provide a 2 minute opening statement.

Common Ground Opening Remarks
by Guy McLendon, Event Sponsor & Host
Date:  Sept 3, 2005

Thank you … Everyone,

Consider … American history. From 1776 to the mid 20th century, our example spread hope throughout the world. People loved America … For example, in China, the word American … “mei-qwo-ren” … means “beautiful people”.

Our success gave hope to the citizens of France. They spent years working 450,000 pounds … of copper and steel … into an international treasure.

At the Statue of Liberty’s feet, there’s a broken shackle – symbolizing our victory over Kings who presumed to have a divine right to squander our lives and our fortunes in unjust wars.

In 1787, the Constitution was designed to limit federal power … to stop Presidents from wasting our lives. Starting in the 1930s, the Supreme Court began perverting our laws … using the “living tree” method of interpretation … that violates the amendment process required by Article 5.

In this room today, we share many common goals ….

… goals that can be achieved merely by enforcing the Constitution.

Let THAT be our Common Ground !!

So, how do we start? … 4 Ways


Attend each other’s events, and seek to understand one another


Make all our platforms constitutionally compliant


Eliminate divisive platform planks


Stop acting like mainstream Democrats & Republicans … who put their party’s interests first … above their oath of office

Each day we delay, the situation grows more desperate. No single Organization here … working alone … can restore freedom. Let us work together.

Thank you all, and may God restore Liberty here in these united States. 

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