Dear LP National Delegate,

Thanks for visiting my site!  I'm Guy McLendon, and I'd like to serve as your LNC Region Alternate.

Here are my goals relevant to my post as your LNC Rep.:

1.  Support state affiliates in my region with whatever mentoring & guidance I'm able to provide.  Visit my YouTube channel to see if you'd like me to be the keynote speaker at your next convention.  My past  service includes as having served three terms as County Chair in Harris County, Texas - home to Houston.  I also served one term as the Vice-Chair of Texas, and two terms on the Texas State Executive Committee.  Many volunteers in Texas draw upon my knowledge of the Texas Election Code as we run our election processes in Texas.  In 1980 I served on the Mississippi state executive committee as Membership Chair, and was a student activist on the 1980 Ed Clark for President campaign.

2.  Keep party expenditures focused primarily on tasks that only a political party can perform.

While education is certainly an important secondary benefit, the limited resources of the LP's organization need to remain focused on handling election functions.  The best way to educate the populace is for our elected officials to serve as a good example from their city council seats.  [Of course, individual candidates make their own decisions relevant to their personal priorities.]

3. I support the goal to maintain 50 state ballot access.

4. Provide non-lavish office space and modestly paid personnel.

5.  Retain the current National Platform format & style.

The LNC appoints 10 members to the National Platform Committee, so the LNC thereby influences the direction of our national platform.  In my opinion, the current platform format and general content should be maintained. A very long platform can not be maintained via the biannual convention process:  for example, the 2004 platform recommended the elimination of many federal agencies that had been eliminated or renamed many years before.  Please <click here> to see how the size of the national platform grew from our party's inception to today.  Today's platform is about the same size as our original 1972 platform.

Please support my campaign to serve as your LNC Region Alternate.

Yours in Liberty,
Guy McLendon
Houston, Texas


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